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Need for a /trunk dir containing actual development files in /

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The subversion conventions recommend the use of a /trunk directory containing all files being made changes to.
We are testing with launchpad for translation management and it requires /trunk existance.
Moreover, if we plan to open to new developers we should conform to standards and recommendations.

The only important drawback of /trunk directory being created and actual development files being moved into it is that trunk directory would not have subversion info of pre-trunk versions.

Anyway, IMHO the pros are over the cons and we should implement it.
I can take ownership of this ticket, but I need that we all are at least aware of this in case we decide to go on.

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IMHO we should create our own infrastructure to keep guifi source code, lafarga has served (and is serving) well but it has a lot of shortcomings.

If we have our own infrastructure I would also go for git. That way it would be dead-easy to create new branches, keep them on sync and so on.

Obviously this means that we have to have our own development server, which I'm going to start a thread on mailing lists to see how feasible is.

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I do not think it necessary to migrate to git.
Subversion and system support LaFarga? have so far worked very well and is not a priority change, there are other more important tasks to do.

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